What are the funding prospects of App as a service?

Consider the idea of app as a service. I know its been around and I haven't seen investors favouring the small-app making companies like appypie, hudoo app & the likes. But still I have an idea where I want a common application with several modules, some meant for any business like customer management, chatting, messaging & mailing (unified communication), private cloud storag for docs & other industry specific modules meant for different industries like POS for retail, appointment management for doctors/salons, ticket management and so on. I'm thinking of having a single application with a single database through which all these apps run instead of separate databases/applications for each business I want to keep module wise prices & the businesses can pay annual subscription for each module they choose. The pricing, thus can range from around 200$ annually for a basic app with customer management & chat to 3000$ so that even small businesses can opt for it The revenue model will be module subscriptions and on demand services like per SMS, Mailing etc I just want an opinion on how does idea sound for investments and if someone can suggest any modifications in pricing or the target market


You can raise funds if your service generates good traction and you manage to get long term subscriptions. Your clients will play a significant role in the funding process by providing their positive feedback and the prospects of the business in long run. You can run a survey asking your customers whether they will stay in long run? If you get a yes from most of them then this will serve your purpose of convincing the investors.

Pricing should be defined by the market forces, the demand and supply will work to get you a optimum price. Try A,B,C price with X,Y,Z demand and plot it in a graph through excel.

I can help you in the entire process.

Answered 7 years ago

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