I am looking for recommendations on a good Software Development Firm, NV preferred.

ISO a small Dev firm to manage and grow a PHP project. Looking for a firm with a Program manager and legit testing to be included in development.


If you are also considering outsourcing, you'll see that there are plenty to choose from. I'm here to offer you contact MobiDev ( It's a software-development company with offices in several countries, one of them is in San Francisco.

Answered 7 years ago

Hi. I can put you in contact with the CEO of Bulbera ( They have done quite a good projects for some of the TOP names in the business.
Are you interested?

Answered 7 years ago


Hope you are doing well. I am co-founder for a web development and mobile application development start up and a coupons/deals company based in India.
We do have a team of 15 excellent programmers, and 3 testers.
So, let me know if we can discuss about your project. We have a name in market for timely and reliable deliveries.

Answered 6 years ago

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