How do I get connected to potential angels in the valley?

I try to find them on AngelList, LinkedIn but Its difficult to contact without connections.


Create a niche database based on your criteria and try and reach out to them with your needs..Repeatedly follow-up and you will see the results.
If required, I can help you.

Answered 8 years ago

Be more specific -- with us here in the forum and with the angels you try to ping.

All investors are looking for real business opportunities and yet most cold emails include vague phrases about 'getting coffee' and "picking your brain.'

I'd love to help you but, again, you need to be more specific. (eg, what kind of angels are you seeking? what does your cold email template look like? what's your goal?)

Answered 8 years ago

I've made numerous pitch-decks, approached many investors, got rejected and got funded as well.

Make a precise yet wonderful pitch deck about your business, highlight by conveying the value you'll generate on their investments, any existing problem that your business is actually addressing and what makes you and your business different from the herd. At the end, request for their time to discuss the idea further.

Cold calls, e-mails, LinkedIn all work well. It is easier if you approach the right investors who have earlier invested in your sector or are focused on investing in the sectors in which you operate.

Investors are out there looking for opportunities to invest money in the right business and ideas. You just have to initially convince them that its worth their time and effort to invest in your business.

I'll be glad to connect with you over the call and guide you on specific questions.

Answered 8 years ago

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