I'm looking to expand the lead generation funnels we create for chiropractors and wondering what success others have had with geo-location liking, commenting, following for local businesses.

Aside from many of the ideas that are already posted in here, I would also suggest to go into direct messaging. Go into geo location search (or local relevant hashtags).

Maybe a local sports team hashtag. Go through the images, interact with the pictures. Follow people, like and comment on their posts. And if you find someone valuable (small or big) offer them a special deal. Maybe an hour of your time for free. Give them something and if they like your services and you really want to grow on insta, ask them if they are cool with sharing a photo of your place, a selfie with you, or maybe feature you in their story.

This way you get people that are already sharing on Insta into the door. And they: 1) might come back because you where so good or 2) friends / followers of them might check you out.

And then it's obviously also important to have a strong CTA, profile description, good photos and website to get those leads contact info for you to send them a special coupon via Email for example.


Answered 3 years ago

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