I've started a monthly service where I will post basic content to someones Facebook & Twitter everyday for $299/month. This includes photos and hashtags. For this low price I will only post a few sentences, a link, and some hashtags to the clients social media account everyday, so they get 14 posts a week, 60 posts a month pretty much. If the client wants more content posted and wants more platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, I charge more. But FB & TW is the base. I dont know how I get clients. Do I just take my business cards and go door to door to businesses? I'm a beginner so I dont feel comfortable giving seminars and speaking in front of people. Im also an interovert. I just want to sit behind a desk and make my posts, but I dont know how to make it happen. thanks for any feedback. ps - Is it a good idea to find a sales people and say "Ill pay you $100 for every client you bring me?"

Hi, I've spent my career in Business to Business sales.

If you're not willing to make sales calls or deal with clients yourself, there are really only two options:

1. Create an interface for order taking and rely on marketing efforts.
2. Figure out a way to pay others to make the sales calls for you.

For option 1, think of all the sales pages online which pitch a product and then invite the reader to make a purchase. Different marketing efforts can be employed to drive traffic. If your service is in demand and at the right price point, people may choose to just sign up. It works for a lot of businesses.

Option 2 involves making deals with salespeople. Do you know what the most loved words are in the world of sales? RESIDUAL INCOME.

Find complementary service providers or salespeople who are not afraid to knock on doors and offer them a cut of the monthly fee... forever.

Imagine how motivated a salesperson would be if every successful sale netted them $100/m. By the time they hit 100 sales, they'd be enjoying a nice income and so would you.

Best of all, there is no limit to the number of people you can have working under this system... it scales.

Arrange a call if you'd like to explore some ideas specific to your situation, I've helped other entrepreneurs get their client journey and sales processes in order.


David Barnett

Answered 4 years ago

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