What can I change to affect user experience and increase conversion?

I have been working on my site but a client sent me a mail yesterday and said it was difficult for her to read through as the colors were a bit boring for her. Anything you thing I can change here to affect user experience and increase conversion? Site url -


There is no clear call to action on the site. What do you want a visitor to do? What's the primary goal, the secondary goal, etc.

Additionally there is no value proposition. Yes you have reviews but so what. If I am the ideal customer why should I do x goal?

These 2 elements will have the biggest impact on conversion, not color or anything else.

Answered 8 years ago

In general, I would say that the best way to improve the experience and increase conversion is to test and see what works. By that, I mean, change something, and see how it affected your user's experience. This assumes that you are tracking user activity on your site, with something like Google Analytics. Also, assumes that you have have enough traffic so the measurements are statistically significant.

Another place you can possibly improve on, is to make sure the content is what the user is looking for. There is the experience of consuming the content, and there is the content itself. Does it make it compelling for somebody to spend the time on your site. For this, I would do testing as well, by talking to your potential users and understanding what they need.

Answered 8 years ago

Hey there!

I see you're looking for some advice to increase conversions on your site. It seems as though you're heading in the right direction, however, there were a few things I noticed that devalue your appearance.

One of the main things was the missing display pictures on your posts. This makes your site appear incomplete and immediately detracts from the perceived reliability of your reviews.

You should also considering having a logo created. Displaying your review site name in plain text takes away from the professionalism of the site.

As a review site, it's important that you take these factors into account. The perceived reliability and trustworthiness of your website is going to have a dramatic impact on whether visitors pursue your recommendations.

Please feel free to book a call with me, and I'd be happy to discuss some more ideas with you!

Talk to you soon,


Answered 8 years ago

Good on you for being proactive! The customers and prospects who tell you about their bad experience are worth their weight in gold. For every 1 who actually tells you, there are scores more who didn't bother to tell you but had the same bad experience.

Having said that you can't take customer feedback at face value. In this particular case I would email the customer back and ask them specifically what she means by "boring". Ask her what else was off for her and also ask what she thinks you are doing right.

Hopefully, you also have some kind of analytics installed on the site so that you can get general statistical data in addition to case-by-case anecdotal feedback from users.

To answer your question - there are an unlimited number of things you can change to affect user experience and increase conversions. It all comes down to testing different tactics.

The most impactful things to test are site mechanics, UI and copy.

Mechanics is how fast the site loads, does it appear properly on all major browsers and platforms? Is it mobile ready? Does it rely on plugins that various browsers might not have?

UI or user interface is primarily concerned with making it super easy for a user to know where they are, why they are there and where they can or should go next in your site. If you have analytics installed and a decent amount of traffic each month you can begin to see patterns around bounce rates, exit pages, time spent on a page, visitor funnels etc.

Next on UI is aesthetics. I agree that you need a logo. You can stick with the same theme or change to a different one that might be more open and provide a better experience. You can experiment with colors however, do consult an experienced designer on that as some colors just don't go well together.

Copy is probably the biggest thing in the mix. Having good copy that pulls a visitor into each page and leads them into a sales funnel is the deciding factor in terms of conversion rates go.

If you would like to discuss details or specific tactics for any of this call me and I can get you going in the right direction.

Answered 8 years ago


You can try to add a "call to action" on your homepage slider and in the posts list. Something like a "read more" button or "click here" button.

There a lot of things to do to improve the look and feel of a website, to engage visitors. This one is a quiet simple way to improve your conversion.

Best regards


Answered 8 years ago

It is important to have a logo / more distinctive branding on the site. I would also consider some UI updates. The color palette is one you should seek to improve, ideally through some A/B or multivariate testing. It is not clear (at least not at first glance) what conversion goals you are targeting, and what call to action you are hoping site visitors to take. It is very important to define those metrics before investing too much more time and effort on site enhancements and testing.

Answered 8 years ago

1. Identify why your conversion is low before assuming it's the colors or the design of the website. Is it:
- The wrong people are coming to your website
- The right people are coming via the right google search terms, but they are not seeing the value on your site

2. Create a user profile. Why are users coming to your site? What google search terms are they using to land here. Is your home-page speaking to them.

3. Visual design can be a factor in low conversion because users subconsciously trust websites that look "professional". You can use one of the templates out there to make this happen. This is not hard - and would be an easy win.

Answered 7 years ago

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