I’m Presentation Designer with the main focus on Pitch Decks (investor decks) working on a freelance basis. My prime source for finding new clients was Upwork, but recently I’ve decided to “quit it”. So I’ve created a personal website with landing page where I describe and show samples of my service. Now, the question is how do I promote my website to find new clients?=). I’m thinking about Paid Ad and perhaps Medium (want to write a few interesting articles on pitch deck design). Do you think writing cold emails directly to venture funds and startup incubators can also help?

My take would be to think about your marketing maths.

How many clients do you need? How much do they pay? How do you create repeat business (otherwise you are in real trouble!).

Forget your website. That is a support tool to demo what you can do. It's a myth to even think that someone will be rummaging around Google, find your site and go, "Wow! I must buy that". Nonsense.

Get thee to #Startup Events. Get networking. Go to all and any #tech events in your area.

Demonstrate clearly your value. "This is what they had. This is what I did. They raised $XXX,XXX.00 in seed funding." -> Get a client Quote/Testimonial.

Contact all the Acceleraters and Incubators, startup work spaces and get known. Go to every startup business event in a 20mile radius. Get people liking you. Then you will get business.

However, I strongly recommend you set out on your journey to create a method to get REPEATABLE business. Otherwise you are wasting your time chasing and chasing and chasing your next job on a hamster wheel of doom. Get your business model sorted. My thinking is that, if you are out and about talking to enough people about it, then they will probably end up giving you ideas and giving you the inspiration to work out how to pivot/augment your offering so that it has viable commercial legs. So...go for it. But please don't expect your website to magically deliver you clients.

Contact me directly if you need any further help.

Answered 4 years ago

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