What are the best practices for promotion offers on Kickstarter?

I have a Kickstarter Project and now people are messaging me about proportions. Should I work with them?


Yea, not really a great option. Most of them want real money for "sharing" your project with "this list or that group, etc." and really aren't promising cash on the barrelhead.

Crowdfunding is hard work. Period. The bigger the email list you have of people that "KNOW, LIKE & TRUST YOU" the better you will do, if you can muster the gumption to reach out to them. Did I mention it is hard work? {grin}

Having said that, I built a planner from my efforts based on a number of successes (going back 5+ years starting with raising $2K for a startup idea) and of course a few failures. I am willing to share of my insights.

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P.S. My latest effort (last month) raised 250% of goal: $25K.

Answered 8 years ago

Absolutely yes, you should work with active campaigns on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo to cross promote each other. Cross promotions were one of the best ways to expose our project to new audiences (we did two campaigns totalling $1.2 million across Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and BackerKit). For our most recent campaign, we raised an additional $1800 that we wouldn't have raised otherwise. We only worked with campaigns who were willing to promote our campaign as well, and agreed to do it for free. For the best results, we only partnered with campaigns that had a similar level of funding and quantity of backers. For example, if we had $100K in funding and 800 backers, we didn't work with anyone with less than $10K in funding and <50 backers. You want to be picky with the campaigns you promote to your backers list; you've earned the trust of your backers since they've paid money to your campaign, and you don't want to refer them to projects that are not fully funded, or look sketchy.

Answered 4 years ago

Email marketing is a great way to tease your upcoming launch to new and existing contacts who have shown interest in your product. Be sure to email your contacts with important campaign milestones too. Bitly provides great stats, including how many clicks your link gets and where they are coming from. Create your profile on the top networks.
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