How do you compensate a free-lance individual brought in to create a pitch deck and lock in sponsors?

What would that deal look like? Flat? Commission?


Hello! I work with a bunch of freelancers on so you can pay them directly through the platform on a flat rate or hourly rate. If this freelancer gets sponsors for you, you can give them a percentage of the sale as a commission. Sales reps usually receive somewhere between 10-20% of the sale so you can use that as a gage for your freelancer and how much money they will be bringing in. For flat rate you can do hourly or project based on how many hours you assume this freelancer will work. If you want to further discuss feel free to set up a call!

Answered 8 years ago

1-If the deck was to be used by her/him, then it shouldn't be paid for, since it's a tool they need it. If you ask for it as something you will use too, then $300-500 it's more than enough (if it's good)

2-Sponsors as in investors? Investors don't like people that charge a commission for fundraising (FYI). If it's sponsors as in clients or corporations, then commission.

Answered 7 years ago

Here are a few common compensation models to consider for this aspect:
1)Flat Fee arrangement: Under this you and the freelancer agree upon a fixed amount to be paid for the entire project.
2)Commission-Based: Under this the freelancer's compensation is tied directly of generating revenue through the pitch deck.
3)Hourly Rate: Under this the freelancer charges a predetermined rate per hour of work.
When determining the specific terms of the compensation consider factors such as the freelancer's experience, the complexity of the task etc.

Answered a year ago

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