What are the best practices or tips for being successful on Clarity?

I am new in Clarity and eager to learn more! What are some good tips from experienced experts on the platform?


Be responsive! Answer requests and messages promptly and thoroughly.

Respect the caller's time! I always send a pre-call questionnaire in the message field. I won't take the call until I receive answers to the questionnaire. That way I have my basics answered before the meter starts running. No phone time is wasted on getting-to-know-you questions: just dive right in to the heavy stuff. This saves you time and it saves them money.

Be honest! It's great to be labeled an "expert," but if you try to oversell yourself, it can only come back and bite you. Admit your areas of inexperience.

Put yourself in their shoes. Ultimately, the caller wants to feel comfortable and secure in their area. They're looking to you for help. If you can go the extra mile for them, that only helps them all the more. Refer them to other experts or industry professionals. Provide links to reading material and resources. Offer to follow-up a week or month after the call (and then make sure you do it!) to check in on them. Etc. Be more than a phone call. Be their help.

Answered 7 years ago

Welcome to Clarity! One of the most important things you can do is be visible. Every professional presence you have on the web should have a link back to your Clarity profile (website, social media, email signature, forum posts, etc.)

Regularly browse this section and answer questions in your areas of expertise or wherever you can provide some insight for people. Providing them with helpful tips is a great way to intro yourself and get calls.

Make sure your profile is complete, has your picture, clear and concise descriptions of your areas of expertise, and images associated with each offering. I would suggest reading up on copywriting to assist in writing attention-grabbing listings.

Hopefully this helps give you some direction! And of course, if you want to chat further I'd be glad to hop on a call with you! (Be sure to always offer this invite at the end your answers)

Answered 7 years ago

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