Should I split my brand/website in two, if I have now introduced a new subscription based service and want to avoid confusion?

My business sells Premium WordPress Themes, however, we have now created a subscription based service that allows users to create free websites in a very similar way than The question I am hoping to get advice for is: should I separate my new SaaS service from the eCommerce platform in order to avoid brand confusion? Or shall I put it all under the same website / brand? Thanks!


Based on what you've shared, I would recommend splitting your two products into different brands; they appeal to different audiences and should be marketed as such.

That said, there is ample opportunity for cross-promotion, as there are some similar needs between the two audiences.

Good luck. I'd be happy to help more. Just drop me a note or book a call.


Answered 8 years ago

Absolutely and redundantly - yes.
Great question, many business owners who tend to add features or expand into new opportunities capitalizing on their core assets tend to make the mistake of not realizing that they should be separated and as you go the owner has to constantly play chess against him or herself with its own products. If they by any means compete against one another they should be separated and should have a dedicated person or team supporting each goal and effort for each separately.

Don't make the mistake of trying to grow each as independent and assuming is your unicorn while you're treating the other with the same intent...When business owners do that, at some point, just like when playing chess against yourself, you unintentionally make the other one lose. In your case these two aren't complimentary either so they should be marketed differently.
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Answered 8 years ago

I often get the question: how many Facebook accounts should my brand have. (It is usually in relation to a brand expanding into additional locations, or new products/services.)

My answer is two-fold, but simple: Have as many accounts as you have stories to tell, and which you have the bandwidth to manage properly.

I'd rather see one page doing a good job of handling a few services or products, than multiple pages not keeping up with content or engagement.

I know you are asking a question bigger than a Facebook page, but I think the answer still applies.

-Is this new offering a whole new story (will it be targeted to a different audience/solve a different problem)?
-Are you confident in you and your team's ability to manage an additional brand?

If the answer to either or both of these questions is no, then there you go. If the answer for yes is both, then get your new house in order -- you are ready to split your brand!

Answered 8 years ago

Two brands, I'd say. Already your 2 services are aiming in very different directions; and they may diverge further over time. Really, each ought to be allowed to progress in its own way.

Different messaging for different audiences. Different landing pages and sales funnels. Different software underneath.

You can keep the 2 closely allied if that helps ... while it helps. You can cross-promote. But set yourself up for every eventuality. What if you later wish to sell or discontinue 1 half of this business while keeping the other? If they're entangled as a single brand, then you cannot. Even if the businesses are separate, they're conjoined due to branding alone.

There are various ways to split the 2 brands. They could be wholly disjunct. Or they can cross-reference one another: X + Y (siblings) or X by Y (child < parent).

If you'd like some more individualized advice about the naming, domain issues, customer communication, etc., we can arrange a chat.

Answered 8 years ago

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