What are the best practices in growing a business in which the product is video tutorials?

I'm in Indonesia. Previously I have join production with a craft tutor to create video tutorial about craft. On the first week it sold around 70 (early bird 25% discount). For the next month it sold around 50 more. Each user pay around $20 each. I use facebook group as platform to share the video. It's because it's majority people in Indonesia know how to use facebook and easy to see on their mobile phone. What is on my mind is approaching the other craft tutor to create video and sell it. For video production it cost me around $700. I need help on marketing, build a business system and grow the sales. How can I grow this to become a sustainable business?


That's awesome.

You are at a first stage of building a MOOC, a Massive Open Online Course portal.

I worked in the growth team of a UK startup that reached an explosive growth in 2015.

I like your approach you applied the "don't scale" approach in the Paul Graham (Ycombinator founder) way.

I invested in this kind of business hundreds of thousands of dollars every month on several acquisition channels.
The good news for your business is that bidding costs for Indonesian users are the lowest in the market today so you could leverage this opportunity to invest in CPC/PCM channels.

There is a really important thing you will need to do before doing this. Building an email list at the top of the funnel.

To learn how to grow your business today call me and I will help you.


Answered 8 years ago

At such a low price point, you may want to consider a membership site and charge a monthly recurring fee on your site. It's a tremendous amount of work to build a membership site, I must tell you, but it provides you with MRR and the potential for continued learning. Check out Membership Site Academy, they are major disruptors in the space.

Conversely, you could also consider selling your video as a tripwire offer to upsell a larger offering and running targeted ads. You need to decide if you're a one-off sales type person or if you prefer to manage a community.

Best of luck, hope this is helpful.

Answered 8 years ago

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