Does anyone have any advice on getting commitment from a potential client to purchase a SAAS product without running a free trial?

A 14 day free trial without requiring any form of payment as collateral is being offered. Adjusting the price on the product for leverage is not an option.


Demos and free trials seem to be the only ways SaaS vendors can think about selling.

Funny thing: the same issues that plagued the IT field ten years ago (!) continue today.

The answer is in education. I don't mean teaching the prospect for free; I mean as the seller educating yourself on the true state of the target market so you can begin the sales conversation on ground they already believe in...and using education as a tool to bring the prospect around to your point of view.

I've made a couple videos and written a couple blog posts on the topic. Here they are:

Why Demos Fail to Sell:

Blog post:

SaaS Sales Problems:

Blog post:

If you want to develop an effective sales funnel for your SaaS, book a call and let's get started. Given the jump in expertise required, it's probably not something you're going to figure out correctly on your own in a short time, and I can save you that time--and those lost sales.

Answered 8 years ago

My answer is:

- Leveraging exceptional success stories based on your previous clients.

- Great engaging videos directly from the landing page.

- Building a newsletter strategy sharing weekly articles about how your clients are growing their businesses week by week

- Delayed first payment on the first month to give them time to install and learn how to use the platform

- Substitute the trial time with an engaging webinar that includes a Q&A

To talk about how to apply these strategies and with which apps let's book a call.
I advised many marketing SAAS companies to improve their business models in the past years.

Answered 8 years ago

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