Are there any companies that do pre revenue valuations? Besides equity firms and VC's?


To speak I do not have contacts in the Industry.
Saying this I would have a suggestion
The subject of Revenue Valuations has five main principles
Through having a very imminent finances to overcome debt. Then trying to find a solution to just capable ways of under following through preparatory subjects.
I have a very knowledge through the related study. Then to trying to propose a solution I need to understand your key parameters to include an overwhelming process of deep justification to report the entered agreements.
The given subsidy to evaporate the gathering info related to predetermined aspects related to funding and then approaching the veteran leaders of natural tendency
The evaluation generally coincides with the negotiated matters of degree at which the main components of valuation are needed
The approach is to find the details and then ask a negotiating financial advisor on your behalf to overcome the tendencies of natural inclination to prepare the differentiated models
Saying these I request you to contact me if you are interested in another opinion not directly related to the subject but try to analyse the situation through elements and concepts related to building net worth individuals of highly regarded mentions.
Thank You
Karnati Kiran

Answered 8 years ago

Hi, I've been helping people sell businesses since 2009 and recently wrote the best-selling book 'How to Sell My Own Business.'- Available on Amazon or at

There are many firms and professionals who could do a valuation on a pre-revenue business. You would need forecasts showing what the likely sales, costs and revenues would be in the future.

Getting a potential buyer to agree with the assumptions and pay you for sales and a cash flow that doesn't exist is another matter.

Typically business buyers are looking to acquire cash flow or buy something that will make their own company perform better.

So if your startup has a spectacular new technology that will help company X to save costs or make more sales of their own, then they'll see value in buying you.

The trouble is identifying these synergistic buyers and getting them to pay you for advantages that they will have to achieve post-acquisition.

If you'd like to chat, arrange a call.


David C Barnett

Answered 8 years ago

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