Succeeding on a large scale might be challenging, since web design is a crowded field with plenty of overseas talent in the developing world.

Those guys and gals are able to underbid local web designers in, say, the USA. What those remote designers may not be able to do quite so well is where YOU ought to focus.

You can walk up to someone in the neighborhood face to face and persuade them to hire you. Being from the same culture, you might communicate more clearly. And you can sit down next to your client at a coffee shop, showing them preliminary ideas. You can include them in design decisions. Sure, someone in Gujarat can share the screen remotely. But that's never as pleasant or efficient an experience as sipping coffee together, pointing at the work in progress, and so forth.

So my recommendation is this: Don't launch yourself globally. Don't try to market your services online, competing for attention with everybody else who's already out there. Even though you're a web designer and the internet is global, build up your clientele LOCALLY.

Eventually, you'll get client referrals and your portfolio of past design jobs will grow. So you may begin working with distant clients too. But you're at your best when you can offer something your competitors can't. It's unlikely that you'll be twice as good – in terms of design – as the rest of the world's designers. But you CAN be twice as good at listening, at being genuinely THERE.

Answered 4 years ago

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