We are a UK-based SaaS company looking to expand with a US sales team. Are US based sales staff open to being freelances for the right package?

Trying to work out the tax implications of this if we employ directly or if it's even possible to build out a team based on a freelancer/contractor basis if the package is attractive.


Hi! Congratulations on your impending US expansion! I'd love to provide a perspective if I may. I'm a UK citizen, SaaS expert, now living in the Bay Area. I'm also a member of the UK Government's new GBx initiative which is specifically designed to help provide support to UK companies expanding into the US market.

There are various ways you can progress and I'd urge you to consider a few options, as well as the specific one you've asked about. I've worked with and for a number of companies that have either expanded from the UK to the US or the US to the UK and have seen it go wrong as many times as it has gone right. I'd love to share some of my learnings and help you plot a path that has the best chances of success.

Please feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss further.

Answered 8 years ago


My name is Erik Hanley and I'm a Call Center Expert and Senior Analyst Programmer with more than 15 years of experience.

I'm experienced in building new call centers (on site or remote) with permanent employees and freelancers. I offer end-to-end solutions from agent hiring to phone system configurations and programming automated tools/reports. If you need any help or advices, I can help you in all aspect of call centers.



Answered 8 years ago

Of course! I have even personally sub contracted in the past for European companies. When you do business in the U.S. you must pay taxes and report to each state in which you do business. I have been able to work out a loop hole in the past for marketing services across state lines due to the fact that I don't sell actual goods or even digital goods - only consultancy work. But as a UK company you would need to register in the U.S. (or have a contractor/partner) do so and go from there.

Answered 8 years ago

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