What are some entry level marketing services I can offer as a beginner?

I'm interested in starting a "side hustle". I want to help other people promote their businesses and I think many people just want to work on their business and not have to deal with marketing. However I'm learning so I would prefer to do entry level tasks and not do things that are "Mission Critical"? For example working at a restaurant, I dont want to be the Chef because my skills aren't there (yet), but I can certainly slice onions and potatoes all day to get my foot in the door. Ok maybe that's a bad analogy but I think it describes how I feel. What are some more admin-tasks I can do as a beginner that will really help some companies out and I can learn? I've been using computers & Facebook for years and comfortable around them. I just dont know what to put on my website as services offered.


A few ideas:

- Copywriting for their blog
- Email marketing
- PPC Ad creative
- Basic accounting / invoicing
- PowerPoint / Keynote creation
- Social media scheduling
- Email / social media customer service
- Outreach
- Guest blogging / writing
- LinkedIn networking

Using your chef example, think of the thing your idea "chef" bogs themselves down with each day.

All the best,

Answered 8 years ago

Hey, not a bad idea at all to start some of your side-hustles this way. You'd be surprised, in particularly at how valuable some of these skills are to small and medium businesses.

My suggestions:


- Setting up companies with password tools (e.g. 1Password, Dashlane)
- Organising company files and filing structures (you could do this via Remote Desktop)
- Organising cloud drive systems (OneDrive, Google Drive)
- Installing, updating and managing WordPress Themes and Plugins
- WordPress User Management, Backups


- Setting up social media accounts
- Designing social media backgrounds, thumbnails
- Writing up a social media content plan
- Social media customer support
- Setting up relevant social media streams (for keywords, brand names, competitor names - using something like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite)


- Setting up a mailing list (Mailchimp, Aweber)
- Setting up/designing a monthly email template
- Writing and sending out a monthly newsletter
- Configuring email collection from client website


Requires a bit of knowledge, but entry level courses will teach you enough for you to offer skills such as:

- Content Optimisation
- Keyword Research


- Write X amounts of posts for X amount each month
- Design or find copyright free images to enhance existing content
- Offer proofreading or research services
- Research and produce content calendars


- Set up and manage Google My Business, Apple Maps, Yelp and/or TripAdvisor pages
- Set up in relevant local directories or look to secure press in local newspapers
- Local social media (e.g. identifying people who are talking about things locally and follow/engage with them)


- If you've got these skills, take photos and then combine with some of the ideas above (e.g take photos that can be used for social media profiles, within blog content)

Good luck. Let me know how you get on!

Answered 8 years ago

Since you are entry level only, reach out businesses with either
1. Speed: The content that you create on the social media is available to everyone in your network/forum/community as soon as you publish it.
2. Reach: The Internet offers an unlimited reach to all content available. Anyone can access it from anywhere and anyone can reach, potentially, everyone.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 3 years ago

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