How can I improve the rate of attendees for my webinar?

Ran a few webinars with a 3 week signup period. Have high sign up rate with what looks like the right target audience. I also run a drip campaign with 4 or 5 basic reminders, up to 5 minutes before event. Maybe 10% show up. Send replay and a couple more watch, maybe. Digital marketing (saturated market) Also, would you ever do a cold email campaign to get webinar signups to targeted list?


Have you considered utilizing a tool like Webinar Jam? You can pre-record your webinars, turn them into evergreen webinars and set the entire system up to provide specific dates and times for the recording, including a, "Your in luck, our next one starts in 15 minutes!" option or something like it.

Three weeks is a long time to wait when we are a society that want instant gratification so offering something like this may be a key for more frequency.

Also, if you have a way to monitor the open rate of those five reminders, I'd encourage you to look at that statistic. Even though your current schedule is three weeks out, five reminders seem a little high and I'm thinking you'll see that the two out of the five e-mails don't even get looked at.

Other suggestions would be to look closely at your webinar title, the length of the webinar and even the hook you are pitching to encourage people to watch. You want to give off a high perceived value to entice registration and attendance.

Answered 8 years ago

Hello! Let me tell you something... we do a lot of chess broadcasting and hold webinars regularly.

There are various ways to increase attendance and attendance rates but I would need to better understand your situation before I can provide the best recommendation. Feel free to contact me and provide details.

Answered 8 years ago

Hey, I'm a bit late to this answer, but if you're still around here are some ideas.

It would be useful to know how you're acquiring sign ups as it could be something to do with your targeting? If you cover a topic that's too broad, particularly digital, there's really nothing that's going to hook people in and commit them to turning up.

With that in mind...

1. Your reminders/drip system sounds fine. Keep them in place.

2. Do you have any kind of testimonials from previous webinar attendees that can offer any kind of encouragement to future webinar attendees about your legitimacy and what they can expect to get out of it?

If so, seek some out. Put these testimonials in your drip campaigns.

3. Survey the people who didn't turn up. This has worked for me in some instances.

Just sent a one-to-one email. "Hey. I missed you today :(. I'd be happy to send you the video if you still want to? You'll still get access to all the bonuses".

4. Make sure there are bonuses at the end of the video. If they make it all the way to the end of the video, they get access to a special promotion, or further lead gen product or exclusive product. Anything.

5. Consider the copywriting for your drip campaign.

If your audience targeting is generating sign ups, perhaps it's not even the webinar topic, but the copywriting for your drip campaign that's turning people off and not keeping them tuned in.

6. With the last point in mind, consider turning the drip campaign into a mini-course.

E.g. over 4 weeks leading up to the webinar, you release short tips each week related to the topic. Then promise to go into even more detail on the webinar at the end of the course where attendees will also have the chance to answer your questions.

7. Give future webinar attendees access to short videos which demonstrate the type of things they are going to learn from your webinar.

8. Run a webinar with two people.

1 person to deliver the webinar and one person on hand to answer all the live questions in chat. Make users aware in advance that they won't have to wait to the end of the webinar to ask specific questions as you'll have live support.

You're probably already aware but the key thing is to make sure the webinar is not too broad. Keep webinars super-specific and identify the people in advance whose very specific problems you can solve. That way you're more likely to get them to tune in and stay engaged.

Good luck!

Answered 8 years ago

Try adding a video to the thank you page that builds trust between the registrant and the presenter. Give them next steps to take. Build excitement. Mention some free gift or workbook you will be giving away to the when they show up live. Have your emails leading up to the webinar build anticipation for the content and how it is going to solve their problem. Talk about students who have transformed after attending your webinar. 3 weeks is a long ways out for a webinar. Typically 4-7 days is a good range. People forget that long out. Give them a reminder in your thank you video to add to their calendar. Have plenty more tips. Hope this helps. Reach out if you need further assistance.

Answered 7 years ago

A cold email campaign - no? Too much work, too little return.

The timeframe is too long.

The longer the period between when people sign up and when the webinar is held - the fewer people will attend.

At the point of sign up, people are excited. Over time, that excitement wanes and you're left with folks who're busy and may have (what they consider) better things to do with their time so your webinar and the reminders get pushed to the backburner.

The single most impactful thing you can do is shorten the time between registration and the actually webinar. Keep it at one week and see how it goes. A tool like WebinarJam (see more here: gives a lot of flexibility.

If you don't mind an automated webinar then a tool like EverWebinar will allow you to do just in time webinars. That is, within 15 minutes of signing up, the presentation starts. That can boost your attendance rate to over 50%.

Answered 4 years ago

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