We're a B2B video services company that is nearly 100% inbound lead driven. As we grow, it's not enough. Our pricing is 10-20k, so we really only need 2-3 more deals a month. We hired an SDR to prospect and schedule meetings for our Account Exec (who's amazing at closing). The SDR just didn't produce. We are trying ads but haven't cracked the advertising landscape. We've just started investing in inbound/content marketing and need a few months there to see the results. We're working on a referral system to get more from our existing clients. We're avoiding the cost of hiring a baller biz dev guy right now. I feel this is our next best try. Or do you recommend something else?


My name is Erik Hanley and I have been involved in the outbound marketing business since 6 years and I've been a Senior Analyst Programmer for more than 15 years.

I suggest you hire a marketing professionnal combined with a data expert programmer (like me!). Data combined with Marketing thinking is, by experience, the most successful way to have leads, especially for high priced products. You can always use a marketing agency to help you, but they won't work accordingly with your objective as for them, leads equals money, however the leads quality.

If you need additionnal help to find team members that would generate you leads (more than 2-3 per month!), please Schedule me a call and I'll go thru my past expériences and lessons learned with you. I can help you on the data side and help you hire a marketing professionnal (or more if needed).



Answered 4 years ago

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