Look for a partner that can add value, reach out to prospective merger and acquisition officers or raise a seed round?

I've developed a platform / series of algorithms which solve a problem in the search / text advertising industry -- fully bootstrapped + all technical talent has been hired / NDA compliant. I invented the algorithms, features and shape of the product. I have a degree in Economics, and several years experience in web product development / marketing with my own web agency. I can design products myself, and get prototypes built properly. Preliminary data proves my proof of concept right. Over the next few weeks/months, I will be performing a series of tests to build case studies, without breaking the bank. Once these case studies are completed, I will no longer have any budgets available to develop the product further, but will should have validation that the technology solves a problem, while adding potential value to a few already-existing markets / products / brands, namely: • Blogging Platforms (WordPress). • Digital Advertising Agencies • Bid Management Platforms • Landing Page / Marketing Platforms (i.e. Hubspot, Lead Pages, Marketo etc). • Networks supporting text-based advertising (Google, Bing, Facebook soon etc). Like any early-stage, but proven technology -- the product has to be rewritten, however the choice for the rewrite / redesign is dependant on the exit strategy for the product. Meaning that every above-mentioned option for direction on application, comes with strings attached: it completely affects the experience of the product / business model. Although all the options are viable, it doesn't mean that all will attract interest by potential investors nor that they'll have the same opinion on direction. I personally believe that the technology's application most optimal direction is to go towards "Landing Page / Marketing Platforms". It would also be a mistake for me to take a direction for the product's direction, without having had spoken to Hubspot, Lead Pages, Marketo etc. I mean, if they don't have explicit interest in navigating their products towards the value that my technology adds -- then there's no point building out the technology further in that direction, because they wouldn't acquire it either way. Based on the information listed above, what is my best option? 1) Sign in a new partner that could add the value I'm missing to help make the right choice for direction? Perhaps an angel that understands the technology and its application, while having had experience with the problems I'm facing today, and will in the future? 2) Reach out to prospective merger and acquisition officers from prospective exit strategies -- which will allow me to gauge interest of the technology's application within their already-existing brands. Of course, funding will still be required to retrofit the technology into their platforms, if there would be a future intent to acquire the product. 3) Attempt to raise a seed round for a product that: has proven its technology, still needs work for new features, has not made a choice on the next direction yet?


I would be delighted to speak with you as co founder and angel investor for M&A firm Amieva Mack Capital in London these are exactly the types of opportunities we partner with and I personally would be very interested to speak with you. I can guarantee you that the value I could add to what you have will be unprecedented.

Answered 8 years ago

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