Can I run FB Ads to my launchrock website to see how many people are interested in giving me their email address?

I read that you should curate a following on facebook before your crowdfund launch, but I won't have much of a following, I was wondering IF I could advertise on facebook and have the landing page be my launchrock page? Is that allowed by facebook? or would I have to send them to a landing page that says enter your email to win or whatever. Thanks


Yes, you can send FB ads to anywhere you want (landing page, webpage, whatever). You just need to have a business FB page to advertise.

Answered 8 years ago

You can utilize Facebook ads to measure interest from the target market you think would utilize what you are creating.

A landing page showcasing how your product can solve a consumers pain points followed by an option to receive updates via e-mail about the product would be the best direction to start with in my opinion.

Also, remember that not everyone will sign up for your interest list so you'll want to setup a Facebook Pixel and then an audience. By doing this you can later send out a completely different Facebook ad to everyone who viewed the page regardless if they provided information or not.

Hope this helps!

Answered 8 years ago

You can advertising on FB to drive people to your website to signup on your lead page as one option. You can also drive them to your website and then popup a box asking for their name and email address. You can also use what are called Facebook Lead Ads, which allow you to advertising on Facebook and just popup a lead form or contact form right on Facebook without them having to leave Facebook and go to your site. In this instance, the form is pre-populated with their Facebook contact information which is nice, and these ads can be targeted to either a targeted audience on Facebook based on interests, to your Facebook page like (fans), and/or to your email database that you had previously, which you can upload into Facebook to create what's called a Custom Audience. Each more or less has it's advantage. For instance, when you drive them to your website you can give them more information before they give you their contact info. In the instance of Facebook Lead Ads you attempt to get their info right away so it quicker.

Answered 7 years ago

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