Can you refer me to an SEO GENIUS who can do both on-site and off-site SEO and G. Adwords? Must have proven track record of stellar results.

I have already hired too many SEO contractors that could not produce any results. I am so tired and frustrated.


Obviously I don't know your situation but you might be running across an issue with expecting one person to do the job of many. There are so many aspects to SEO that its near impossible for one person to be an expert in every area. Content, social media, on-page optimization, user experience optimization are all vital components to a successful digital marketing plan. At best, a "genius" SEO can only be great at one or two, but not all. It might be time to invest in a team. That might mean hiring an agency, but you truly do get so much more experience with a team than one person.

Answered 8 years ago

Hiring 1 SEO contractor it won't solve your problem. SEO and online lead generation is a complex game.

The best way to have your SEO work is to have integrated marketing campaigns when keyword research, content marketing, website, influencer marketing, outbound marketing and sales prospecting work hand in hand

In order to run strong integrated marketing campaigns you should invest in one of the following options

1. Build and manage a team of smart marketing and sales professionals

2. Hire a niche agency

Disclaimer: I am on owner of a 30 person inbound marketing agency, that has been announced as one of the Word's top 5 content marketing agencies

I have been in SEO game since my 16, before launching my company.

Feel free to read our case studies and blogs in our website

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Answered 8 years ago

I have to concur with the other responders. It is really really hard to be an expert on all things.

The best SEO consultants will have areas of focus where they excel. They will know what these areas are and they will state them quickly.

When you run into a person who claims to be an expert in everything, you need to have reservations.

I've always stated that organic SEO is my strength and in particular, educating and helping clients set up a process that works long-term.

On the flip side, I openly state I know very little about PPC or any online advertising and that I cannot and will not provide assistance with those activities. I do this to protect myself and the client both.

The best consultants know their value and work to that end. And we back out when the requested task is not our strength.

Answered 8 years ago

I have been doing on-site, & off-site SEO for over 12 years. I have also been using Google AdWords for 12 years as well and I am AdWords Certified. I am currently an AdWords, SEO and WordPress consultant with about a dozen clients.

Answered 7 years ago

I know one of them. He is my friend, and a brilliant SEO expert. I did work with him. Here is his LinkedIn page link:
He is a stellar performer, but I will request you talk to him about the problems you are facing before setting him up for your job.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 3 years ago

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