How & what job I can get in big companies like Google, Facebook or Microsoft? I have total 10 yr experience in tech including 6yrs as startup CTO

Hi, I have total 10yrs of experience in IT industry, initial 4 yrs of my career I worked with MNC in India and then I cofounded a startup in education space and played my responsibility as CTO, please suggest how and what kind of job should I apply? and how can I get a job in big companies like Google, Facebook, Microsot, Adobe etc in India


Hello, hope you are doing well. If you do not have contact with any current employee, I would suggest trying linkedin, or the companies website. Try contacting the HR dept directly, a phone call would be the best, ask them to indicate where you can send your resume. You can also try calling a local headhunter to get higher exposure. Good luck with your search, Ignacio.

Answered 7 years ago

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