I need a creative idea about brand story

My brand is underwear I need to know how to get a creative idea about make my brand hero


Can you provide more details?

Who is your target - age, gender, geographic location, etc?

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Brands by definition are stories embedded in the mind of the market. A good story has the ability to create emotion in the hearts of the listener, reader, or viewer.

The funny thing about stories is that although the arcs and endings change, a lot of the characters repeat themselves. These characters become our heros.

To understand your brand hero, start with yourself. Create a brand diamond of who you are with four different attributes.

Your company cannot be something you are not.

Once the character diamond is created for you (as founder), then apply those same attributes to your organization.

If you're having a hard time coming up with your character attributes, give me your top five favourite movies of all time. With that information, I can probably tell them to you. Our heros show up in things we enjoy (like movies, books, poetry, etc).

Once you identify your character attributes, you can tell the story from your hero's point of view (using similar arcs as your favourite movies).

Answered 8 years ago

You want a creative brand story to set your underwear apart, but literally the ONLY thing you have told us about your product is ... that it's underwear.

So any idea we may have would apply to ANY underwear. As a result, it's impossible to help you set your brand apart.

What makes your product unique? What are you doing that the competition isn't? Whom are you trying to reach?

I'd definitely need to know who and what and why you are,  to hear your story in your own words from you, before I could translate those characteristics and goals into a brand story that appeals to your target audience. You tell us, then we tell others.

Answered 8 years ago

Creative idea about brand story can be created if you understand the following:
1. Know Yourself
Per Lisa Barone, CMO at creative agency Overit, step one for brands is figuring out who they are.
“What do they believe as an organization, what are their brand tenets that will last the test of time, what’s truly unique about their offering, what does their voice sound like?” Barone asked. “I cannot tell you how many times I have worked with clients big and small, famous and not, who had no real understanding of their brand,” she said. Look at what your competition is doing and what marketplace trends are.Leverage this to figure out who you are and what you stand for.
2. Have a Clear Vision
One way to make sure that your brand is staying consistent is to develop a vision statement. When you are considering launching new campaigns or exploring new partnerships, refer to your vision statement to make sure you are staying consistent.
3. Find Your Audience: You cannot tell a good story if you do not know who you’re talking to. Barone agreed the next step after self-discovery is understanding your target audience from a genuine human level. Peloton, the $2000 stationary bike with a cult-like audience, had to fine-tune its brand story last year to appeal to a wider audience segment that was less affluent but still willing to make a big purchase for a convenient fitness option at home.
4. Narrow Your Expertise: Once you know yourself and your audience, you’ll find what Barone called “that sticky centre,” or «the intersection of what’s unique and weird about you, and what your audience craves”. We see this in practice with a brand like REI closing its doors on Black Friday and inviting its customers to #OptOutside, which has turned into its own post-Thanksgiving tradition among REI fans.
5. Find Your Narrative
If you are not using a singular standalone story, mini stories can create a narrative about the brand, recreate real-life experiences of customers, workers, providers, and others to tell a story.
6. Keep It Simple
Hocks recommended keeping your brand story simple. Ron Maoz, head of digital marketing at accounting firm Clever Accounts, pointed to brands like Apple, Amazon, and Virgin, which have noticeably clear, simple stories at their core.
7. Be Human
But to connect, brands must also choose and embrace personas. Once you establish a clear brand persona, you can maintain it.Consumers want to know what services and products you have, but they also want to know what your brand personality is and who is working on the team.
8. Do not Evangelize Without It

Leave no doubt in people's minds what your story is and how they play a part in it. Remember, it is not about getting people to join you, it's about using your story to join the customer's life. A brand needs to live and breathe its story. Every unit must fully assimilate it and live by its core message before the story itself becomes part of the corporate identity. The story, then, cannot simply be confined into the “About Us” section of the website. It needs to permeate every piece of content directly or indirectly, promotional message, email outreach, interview, and conversation with a customer.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 4 years ago

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