How can I estimate the market size for a platform business that combines product information with consumer behavior information?

The platform uses a barcode reading mobile app to combine product information with consumer behavior (with full information). We are struggling to understand what is the size of our potential market (BeNeLux + EU), given that we want to sell market reports to brands, on the real drivers behind consumer choice - FMCG and retail in particular. Any suggestion helps, and I would be happy to talk further! Thanks!


If your market is 'market research' then you can easily top € 1BN in EU alone. If you're creating a new market then to calculate total addressable market I'd look at similar products and multiple their price x number of prospects, or calculate the financial cost/upside for your prospects x number of prospects. In NL alone there are about 1500 FMCG suppliers I believe

Answered 8 years ago

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