Where can I find sales professionals for the International market?

I am looking for an expansion, thus in search of global sales rep (ideally North America and Europe) who wants to get into a partnership with us to sell our research, analytics, and data management services globally. For now, the contract opportunity promises a pretty lucrative commission from each sale. Going forward, we are open to providing equity/stake.


What's your product?

You might try There are many international freelancers who might be a fit. Make sure you properly vet them, though. I have had good experience using Upwork, but you have to weed out the really low quality talent.

Answered 8 years ago

Hello. I would like to know more.
Have you ever considered Brazil as well? I believe you would find a great market in this country. We can talk more, if you want.

Answered 8 years ago

I would try AngelList (free), Hired (15% of salary) and LinkedIn (free). If you are using LinkedIn, I'd hire someone in the SE Asia through Upwork that does data-entry and then I'd have them copy and paste the first name, last name and company into a spreadsheet from a LinkedIn search you did. Then I'd upload that list into Toofr to get their emails. Then I'd send a mail-merge to the 500 or so candidates using "Yet Another Mailmerge" (free google plugin) or ($110 / mo). Of the 500 candidates you reach out to, you should hear back from 50, set up calls with 10 and hire 1.

Answered 8 years ago

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