Hello, we are in the SaaS business/cloud contact centre business. Our clients are various - small or enterprises who have 5 to 3000 agents. Our current sales channel is classic: a salesman looking for new leads and then going to meetings for the software demonstration, then trying to close the deal. This is time consuming and takes time to scale because we need to find and prepare new salesmen. Are there any other effective distribution channels to sell SaaS product? How about internet marketing? Thank you.

There are several options available which would work for SaaS. The best one I can suggest is Referral Program. The referral program would need to have Training Documentation well defined as well as marketing material. This would allow you to pay other consultants or individuals to pipe leads or signups to your site to get exposure. This is especially effective in SMB market and tends to be targeted to the customer who would purchase. The second is to be more specific in contacting specific demographic targeted customers (be aware in the US you must be subscribed to Do Not Call Registery to Scrub call list for telemarketing or be potentially be fined by US Government). You can engage Lead generators to accomplish this for you but be careful that they are registered and scrub their list against the US Do Not Call Registery. Email Campaigns are good if you have users who have requested to opt into receiving an email and also have opt out options to remove themselves from the list to comply with US and other countries SPAM Laws. Then there are advertising though multiple media types beyond email and banner advertisements such as radio, TV, Billboards, Magazines and other print media.

Answered 6 years ago

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