There are several ways to do it.

1. sponsored newsletter content
2. dedicated e-blasts
3. in-newsletter advertising (banners within the newsletter content)

To name a few....

The first two options will likely require you to do some selling to advertisers. You would need to reach out to advertisers to generate interest in your list.

A simple way to start testing monetizing your list would be to sign up with a platform like They are an ad network for in-email advertising and will pay you to publish their ads in your newsletters. TechCrunch is a great example of a publisher who uses LiveIntent to monetize their daily newsletter.

How much you can earn from your list is a different topic. This will depend on the size of your list and your average open rates.

Hope this helps. I have a ton of experience monetizing email. I'd be happy to chat more.

Answered 4 years ago

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