Best PBX to use with call center cloud software.

Hello, we are looking for someone who is experienced in the PBX field. We need to integrate PBX to our SaaS cloud call center software. We are thinking about Asterisk, but want to know if there are any better solutions out there. Let us know and we can arrange a call.


Asterisk is a good choice for integration as it is customizable to meet the needs. If you want to break into larger business you may also want to consider Cisco Call Manager with its API access. This is widely deployed in corporate America in mid to large corporations.

Answered 8 years ago

I have used in several organizations different solutions. 3cX and Asterisk, but both had problems of different kinds.

Being a CEO, I know professionals in every field of our operations, and I can contact you with very good experts in PBX. I have one in the UK, and another one in Malta.

Drop me a line if you want the referral.

Answered 6 years ago

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