Need help & advice for job search strategies which can pay me minimum $150,000 per annum in India or any other country in technology or product role

I've been running my ed-tech startup in India for the last 6 yrs and playing my role as CTO, and before that I worked with MNC companies in India and US. I have a total of 11 yrs of experience in web/mobile and enterprise software. Now I am moving away from my startup and looking out for an opportunity where I can earn at least $150,000 as yearly salary. Please advise: 1. How should I look out for job? 2. Should I search for job in India or any other country? 3. What would be the process I need to follow, if I look out for job in US, (right now I don't have a valid Visa; earlier I worked in US on L1 Visa) 4. What kinda of job position should I look for considering my aim for at least $1,50,000 annual salary 5. Do I need to do any certification like PMP, Six sigma etc? 6. After my six years in startup, now I want to work with an established company. How should I approach them? 7. Do I need to apply for H1 Visa myself to work in US, or the company will arrange for it? 8. Where can I find established companies who want to setup their IT operations in India and looking out for senior management to take care of everything? 9. If not in India, then which country should I look to where the process could be fast and comparatively easy to get into?


Depends on how you plan to get hired.

If you go the traditional route, which I say is akin to using stones and clubs in today's era, then you want your resume littered with keywords the HR departments of the large companies you're targeting are looking for.

If you want to do something that will take a bit more effort, but will get you a much better-fit role, create content and get it in front of the people who have the power to hire you.

I describe this second approach, which I have used to get four custom-made job offers and roles created just for me, in this radio interview:

Speaking plainly, there are a ton of "you IT guys" running around out there.

So your first job is to Stand Out.

Stand out to employers. If you don't do this, you never get the interview. They have to want to meet you. And a run-of-the-mill resume isn't likely to accomplish this.

Make a list of employers you'd like to work for. They should fit a profile: size, industry, top officer style, culture, etc.

Then create your content, and start marketing it--get it in front of the executive who has the power to hire you. LinkedIn is a good way to do this.

Here are a couple blog posts describing the rest of the process:

Most of all, Have Fun! Yes, it is a job to get a job, but this way you are meeting the kind of people you want to meet, and showing them how you uniquely create value. As they keep seeing your content, their minds will begin to turn to "How can I make use of this person within my organization?" And that's when the seed of the idea of customizing a role for you appears.

Answered 8 years ago

I can help you. Let's setup a call to understand more.

Answered 7 years ago

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