I completely lost my passion for my startup and want to move ahead to some highly reputed role in government or similar; please advise.

Hi, I want to move ahead from my startup, its been more then six years as CTO and nothing seems to be working in the right direction. I am planing my next move to work in some technology related role for the Prime minister or the President of India office. I have a total of 11 years of experience in IT industry including 6 years as a startup CTO and the rest of the time I worked with MNC companies in India and abroad in various IT roles. Please advise as to how can I achieve my goal.


Did you lose your passion for your startup or have you not been rewarded with the success you thought you should have attained? There is nothing wrong with moving on to another project, sometimes it's the "next" thing we do that brings success however oftentimes when I work with individuals who are starting the issue is unreal expectation and not recognizing the small success. I do believe we frequently know what the answer is we just don't want to make the decision. We are afraid of what we may lose instead of what we stand to gain. Trust yourself and keep falling forward friend.

Answered 8 years ago

The single most useful tactic for converting to a reputed government role would probably be networking.

I'd recommend joining Linkedin and connecting with the following people. Do this in a genuine way, not in a connection-grabbing kind of way. Only connect with people that you genuinely respect for the following attributes:

1) People that you respect or look up to, even if you don't personally know them.
2) People that have already done what you wish to do (e.g. entrepreneurs that have moved into government).
3) Anyone that you think could help you out. Each connection you make will allow you to browse through more potential other connections that you respect and who could potentially help you.

Each time you ask to make a connection, write a genuine message about why you're interested in connecting, and why you might be interesting/helpful to them. Don't use the generic text.

Also, start going to events / conferences, and if you can, be a speaker / judge at those events ( You could even start your own group / hackathon / classes which could be focused on applying tech to government / society improvement or something.

In general, the more you become respected in the community and build a network of people that you respect, who also respect you, the more likely you are to get the government job.

Answered 8 years ago

Ships are safe in harbor but that's not what they are made for. If you don't want to take risk then you must go for a job. I can help you with that, let's discuss over a call.

Answered 7 years ago

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