Since, 2007, tried to understand how I can beat poverty and overcome habits that are keeping me there.Started working from home,went into advertising and volunteering to help small companies.All self-employed.Learned reading books and post,attending webinars, networking.Even threw myself into jobs that challenged me to improve my skills.Nine years later, very few successes and still living the struggle.Not sure what to do to break through even took test to see what my strengths are.

First off, I'm sorry to hear of your struggles. Secondly, I commend your diligence. As for which course of action to take... There is no silver bullet and while it may seem frustrating you may very well be right on the heels of success. You never know when it will take place in your life, but if you work hard, smart and long towards a clear goal you will get there. I would avoid bouncing from one opportunity to the other as it is difficult to hit a tipping point if you're spreading your activities too thin. Best of luck to you.

Answered 5 years ago

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