What are the best practices for building a user base for a relatively new online application?

I am working on an online application that consolidates users' learning behavior and converts that into a dynamic resume. I have four user personas to target and I've narrowed it down to 2 among them. Considering the fact that consolidation of learning depends on users: 1. how can I market/position my startup to gain user attention ?


Nice business application!

Here are my quick ideas. I recommend you treat your app as if it were in beta. Go out to relevant audiences and seek free "tester users".

I recommend advertising the search for tester users by finding forums with audiences who fit one of your personas.

Start with Reddit, Meetups in your local area, local business incubators / accelerators, your Linked In profile. Then approach bloggers who may have a big network and ask them if they'd share it around plus angel investors for the same reason.

If you think that Recruitment consultancies could use your app to enhance their applicants' resumes, go and approach them too because signing up one of them would bring you multiple users.

Before making ANY of these approaches, you must have a very strong "how to" video on the site so people can see the benefits of your app.

If you can also have some success stories (these can be plants written by your friends) that also helps.

Happy to help you further with a 30 minute skype if relevant.

Answered 8 years ago

If you have a user persona, you should know where your users are and what their interest are, simply align you company goals and values with theirs. Test, test, test Ad copy, marketing channels etc. It's not a guessing game it's data game in today's marketing world.

Answered 6 years ago

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