What are the best campaign management practices for Indiegogo?

Hello, I’m going to create and promote indiegogo campaign for my client. So, i’m going to work as so-called “crowdfunding specialist”. I know a lot about marketing and promotion, but have a dozen questions about campaign management and administration, especially working as crowdfunding specialist for client. So, please keep in mind: I don’t need advice on marketing or promotion. Every question is Indiegogo related, we are going to talk about this specific platform. 1. Account mess. Working as crowdfunding specialist you have to deal with your client and platform ( It causing some uncertainty and mess in my mind. 1.1. Who is creating Indiegogo account with campaign story? (me or client?) 1.2. Who should be mentioned as “the Primary Contact for Campaign” (me or client?) 1.3. PayPal account provided as payment method (to receive funds) should by owned by who? By Indiegogo account creator? By the Primary Contact for Campaign? 1.4. Is there any problem that Indiegogo account creator or the Primary Contact for Campaign do not match with PayPal owner and could Indiegogo check this at their end? 2. Setting up team for campaign. Indiegogo provides option to send invitation to New Team Member plus Make this person an editor option. 2.1. What kind of permissions New Team Member will have? 2.2. What kind of permissions New Team Member + editor will have? 3. Funds control. Me as crowdfunding specialist should take his cut from raised funds. 3.1. Is there common or accepted solutions in this case? 3.2. Does Indiegogo allow for campaign owner to manage or set up withdraw amounts? 3.3. Does Indiegogo allow for campaign owner to withdraw funds to the different PayPal accounts? 3.4. How money are withdrawn while campaign is running on InDemand? 4. Orders and contributors management. 4.1. I as campaign owner don’t want to deal with orders and questions from contributors, i’m going to outsource this job to managers. How should i setup my account and team members? 4.2. There is surveymonkey and other services to bulk order management and engagement with contributors. Are these services integrated with Indiegogo and how to use them? 5. Special perk. Some perks for my campaign could be fulfilled only after contributors will provide special details (vector graphics files) so we could make special designs for them. So, after campaign has ended, can we use surveymokey or other services for bulk request? For example, campaign has ended, we choose all special perk contributors and send them bulk request. Contributors reply with their special design needs (vector graphic files).

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