We're looking to produce some short clips so our audience gets a better idea of real world usage. Can you advise on any good applications that designers use at this stage to produce these types of videos? Our compositions are produced in Photoshop. Is there a type of prototyping kit for mobile apps that does this? Treading on new territory, thanks for any input!

I would suggest a clickable prototype rather than video. You can then easily screen record a walkthrough of the app to a video but it's so much more compelling and convincing to put your phone in someone's hands and let them click.

FluidUi is a great rapid prototyping tool that is very easy-to-use and is pretty much drag & drop to make interactive (clickable) prototypes.

I've used it to demo to customers for feedback and raise funding.

There is also HotGloo and (neither of which I've used).

Answered 9 years ago

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