Can I set my virtual office address outside the state of incorporation?

I’ve just filed an LLC registration in Wyoming through a local registered agent. The reason for choosing Wyoming was just for tax purposes. We operate overseas so we just want to have a virtual office in the USA, but not in Wyoming (San Francisco if possible) for corporate image reasons. The current addresses we have are: 1) Wyoming #1: (just for State Filing purpose). The registered agent provided his address for state filing purposes. 2) Wyoming #2: (Virtual Office) The reg agents offered us to have a 2nd address in Wyoming as a virtual office in order to receive mails, etc. What we want do is to replace #2 for a SF virtual office. Is it possible or do I still need to have a virtual office in Wyoming? Thanks for your help!


Yes, you absolutely can have your virtual office wherever you wish for public facing correspondance.

it is a good idea for your registered agent to be where you are incorporated.

Most of your customers will not know the name of the corporation (unless writing a check to you or become a vendor for you), and when they do, they wont care.

Any official documents will go to the registered agent.

I suggest you also set up your business account with bank of america or wells fargo etc where they have brances in every major city.

Besides the address there are other things to consider when setting up a virtual headquarters I am happy to discuss with you. Set up a call.

Answered 8 years ago

I own a company which a commercial registered agent in Wyoming.

Yes, it's possible to set an address outside Wyoming on the corporate filing.

Whether or not you can effectively open a bank account with a virtual address is another issue but you didn't ask that.

There is no charge to change the address on file with the state of Wyoming if you file the form yourself.

This is not legal advice nor tax advice and speaks only to the possibility of changing the address, and not any potential tax or legal liability, if any, that may arise.

Answered 8 years ago

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