How can I market and create profits for my partner who is a former MLB Veteran with several awards and an expertise, while he remains in baseball?

He has All Star awards/Silver Slugger award ETC. He has small loyal following for being known for one of the "best minds" in baseball ( hitting specifically). Has a decent web/video presence and excellent speaking presence. We have a few challenges to work around. Ive been working on his online presence, but we first need to identify his message and mission. Mostly, we want to build something larger and leave a legacy within 10 years while increasing his income for the next 10 years as well and into his retirement. Just started with Kajabi for online courses. Scheduling speaking gigs for free.


Start off with what you have written: Identify his message and mission. From what you write it sounds like his speaking presence is the way to go with this; maybe filming live presentations and selling them off as web/video. Or you could help him ghostwrite a book, and publish it yourselves on Amazon. Or he could become known in a youth program or some other type of charity, summercamps about baseball or something similar.

With regards to message and mission, you could go in different directions with this, although they should most likely circle around one of these themes:
- How he has transformed the MLB-experience into life lessons
- How MLB has helped him become a different person (“Ugly duckling”-theme):
- War stories from the dugout/lockerroom.

A few ideas could be:
- Life story: How did he become and MLB-player? So few become that at any level – what took him all the way? Physical gifts? Persistence? Grit from his childhood? Everybody loves a life story like that.
- What has the MLB-experience taught him about life? Which tools from his career has helped him after retiring?
- How do you maximize the chances to succeed in the big leagues? A How to-story for minor leaguers and college players to follow.
- How to learn to hit a baseball? Document how his mind works. For the interested, that would be fascinating if told correctly.

I think if you start off with 3-4 themes like these, he could become a motivational speaker.

You could also limit this to pure MLB-war-stories, which would probably lower the volume of followers, but it would be a dedicated group. Then the themes could be more specialized also, f.ex.:
- How I won the Silverslugger.
- How I became a great hitter.
- The numbers revolution in baseball – a view from the hitters box. (His view of statistics and its impact on modern baseball).

Good luck with your positioning. These are just ideas I came up with while writing this response. If you want more or want to discuss these further, feel free to set up a call.

Best regards
Kenneth Wolstrup

Answered 4 years ago

Hi, I work with people to build platform and celebrity.

DO NOT speak for free. He should be getting paid to speak. His expertise is valuable.

You can create books, courses or even tv/radio shows/pod/streams

THe biggest thing is to increase his tribe and monetize his existing tribe. They will pay to be associated with him.

He can create a certification course, hold bootcamps and retreats or train baseball coaches.

Because he is a vet with a name, there literally are endless possibilities to generating profits.

While his message and mission are important, the process is more important. HE can be the message, making whatever he associates with the mission (it can be someone elses mission)

He literally can trade on his celebrity, making influence his currency.

I would love to help you guys map out a specific profit strategy for him. Set up a call with me.

Answered 4 years ago

His identity = his brand. Hopefully he owns his own full name in .COM. No matter what you do, it's handy to have that home base.

Answered 4 years ago

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