What is the best elevator pitch for a website that houses employee productivity tools?

This platform is helpful for sales teams, HR dept as well as educational institutions. Should we focus on only one vertical..say sales teams and then introduce other verticals. For sales team our coaching/ role play app is ideal to evaluate sales reps knowledge and ensure they pitch in the right way.


It's best to define your initial MVP's persona as narrowly as possible, and learn from your tests (initially small scale) to make it work well for them, and only then expand to other verticals if necessary.

It sounds like you think it will work best for sales teams, so start there, get some data on its effectiveness / demand, and tweak it so it works really well. Then you can build from there.

If you'd like to discuss best ways to run initial testing with your specific product send me a message, I'd be glad to help out.

Answered 8 years ago

"Negotiation Begins with your Elevator Pitch" is the title of a training/development class written by Mims Morning Meeting. This class explains how to develop an elevator pitch that accomplishes it's missions.
Your Elevator Speech is looking for one thing and one thing only. It is looking for the YES. It is not what you SAY–It is what they HEAR in an elevator pitch that matters. What Do You Do? Is the first question on the minds of all that seek? The response and the tone you provide will dictate the direction, scope of connection and level of encroachment you will have with these new union. The four S'es of a great elevator pitch are Story, Solution, Skills and Service. The story is the creditable, the solution is the clarification, the skill is the casting and the service is the character. Words that make a powerful elevator pitch are the key to building that best elevator pitch.
Call us to appreciate how "Negotiation Begins with your Elevator Pitch" will help you achieve those goals and set new ones. Thank You from Mims Morning Meeting, LLC by Frank Mims V.

Answered 8 years ago

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