What is the best way for me to reach out to fashion brands and designers to tell them about our fashion IOT maker kits?

Not all fashion designers can create fashion tech without knowing how to code or solder: fashion maker kits to the rescue! From robotic dresses, to led bags, to wifi enabled clothing, it is now totally possible for every designer to cross the divide into intelligent clothing. Although, I am not finding groups or communities where fashion designers hang out or places where I can connect online to students. Any suggestions as to how to get my message heard in the wake of the Met Gala and Zac Posen dress would be appreciated.


I've had a bunch of my own 'maker' / hacker projects publicized. Here's what I suggest:

1) Write up a project and suggest it to Make Magazine (
2) Tell hobby electronic supply shops about it to see if they want to stock it (e.g.
3) Subscribe to HARO to be able to get your stuff written about in the press
4) Tweet links to the project your wrote up to relevant designers or instructors at fashion institutes (e.g. google the professors at FIT, etc.)
5) Other ideas

If you want to discuss these or other ideas with more specific tailoring to your specific kit let me know.



Answered 8 years ago

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