What is the difference in price for a 500 person conference in Orlando FL vs. the same conference in Columbus Ohio?

I am looking primarily for the difference in venue, lodging, and food costs.


I think your best bet for an answer has three answers,

1. You need to take the time and call around, no one is going to do this for free for you.

2. Hire a function planner, and let them do the work

3. go to, and hire a person to do all that research for you, and get your answer.

In the end, your question is really a job request, and you should be browsing through the people on this site who may do that kind of work and hire them.

Answered 8 years ago

It really depends on the type of venue you are going for. There are a number of online Request for Proposal (RFP) platforms that allow you to send your event to a number of venues in a specific area and get quotes. I would ask them directly and compare quotes.

Some general considerations: Orlando is not Columbus. It is a very sought after destination and it has a much more structured hospitality industry. That can mean higher prices (or incredible bargains if you are smart with your calendar).

Also consider where attendees are travelling from and what is most convenient.

Get in touch if you have any question.

Answered 8 years ago

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