How can I find new customers to sell homes to or rent them?

What is the best way to find clients online? Me and my partner have a website and do not have a lot of visitors. Which is the best way to increase the conversation ratio and increase visitors and potential customers? For now we use fb, emails and banners in other websites....


Some suggestions:
1) Create a Google Adwords campaign
2) Create a Facebook campaign. Facebook campaign setup page gives you a great hack to estimate the market size based on interests and demographics.
3) Apply SEO (search engine optimization) tactics, such as:
a) Highlighting key words on your site
b) Optimizing design and code in your site for easy search and access
c) Include a discussion forum and comments section on your site, in order to increase engagement level and produce more keywords from customers

Another way to find prospective clients is to go on housing forums and even or Do what Airbnb did when they started to growth hack - namely, they posted on Craigslist and got a lot of customers that way. Do via Airbnb what Airbnb did via Craigslist.

Answered 8 years ago

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