How can I access a large volume of active voters in a business competition?

I have entered my startup reclaimed homewares marketplace into Virgin businesses #voom competition. The first round relies on a public vote - the top 80 businesses go through, with the top prize being the opportunity to pitch to Richard Branson, and access a £1,000,000 prize fund. I have targeted immediate contacts such as family/friends/business email list, i've done some face to face canvassing in London (most effective), sent out a press release to interiors/upcycling magazines and local papers (little success), reached out to bloggers and online publications (uneffective), publicised my campaign over SM - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Offered merchandise giveaways in return for votes, I have 2 radio appearances lined up as well as further canvassing. I have generated a lot of rich media including high quality advert images and videos, but I feel they are not as effective as they should be due to limited exposure. I just feel like I'm missing something. Voting closes on the 23rd May, and although I've taken steps to kick things up - I'm looking for innovative and effective ways to access bulk volumes of active voters who will engage with my content and get behind my campaign. Here is the link to my pitch (any votes much appreciated): Here is the website: Any suggestions or support would be very much appreciated! Thanks!


Sorry, this is too late for the contest, but ou should be trying to direct market to one of the groups you mention on your website.... Interior Designers

Based on what I see on your site, those would be the people that will want to buy from you most likely.

Answered 8 years ago

I can help you if you are still looking for a help. Let's discuss over a call.

Answered 7 years ago

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