What are some proven PLR eBook products that can support sales of around 500 units?

I'm responsible to manage the setup of a new info product marketing intiative to prove the model and potential ROI to my investors. They'd like to establish an ROI formula based on the sales of an eBook within any specific niche of my choosing. They're providing sufficient investment to fund the setup and paid traffic strategy of a pilot program. For the 60-day trial, they want me to leverage a PLR product rather than create something from scratch. Would you happen to know of a great PLR product that has proven success/traction within any particular niche? Obviously it needs to have sufficient capacity to scale for sales of around 500 units. Price point of $7-$9. Appreciate any guidance?


Based on Radio and TV ads in the US, anything about flipping houses, weight loss, making money the easy way.

Watch late night TV where you are and see what is selling on Infomercials, trust me if they are selling it as an infomercial, there is probably profit in what they are trying to sell.

Answered 8 years ago

Figure out your niche first - then look at what is out there for PLR content, or what others are offering. You can write an ebook, or have it written, for a small investment, and the turn around is quick.

PLR is a very lazy method, and converts at a low rate, because its just not original. Create something new.

Answered 8 years ago

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