I developed a web application prototype (with 70% functionality) and validated it with some potential customers. I've around 2-3 investors who are willing to invest to take the application to the next level (complete the remaining 30%, go to market, etc). So should I register a C-Corp and issues shares to them OR should I make them part of the company as co-founders? FYI, they will invest money and I've to take care of the execution.

If they invest money in the early stage of your business, this is a great opportunity to put a "market" value on your business. One of the hardest thing for any startup who only have a protype with no revenue is put a value on your business. For eg. One of the company I raised early funding for, we secured 2 lots of $150k for 10% each. So that equates a market valuation of $1.2m. Your accountant can help you set this up and create a CAP table to keep track of equity dilution.

Answered 4 years ago

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