I'm in Berlin, Germany. Which VCs should I contact to raise the first funding round?

My startup is in the B2B SaaS + hardware industry. Bootstrapped for 1 year. 1400 customers, almost 200 000€ revenue/yr from the subscriptions


First off, always good to see more and more tech companies in Europe. Berlin is producing a lot of great startups.

Your geo-location isn't nearly as relevant as:
- Your stage (Seed round)
- Age (1 year?)
- Pre-revenue or post (post)
- Business model (B2B SaaS)
- Vertical (Hardware)

While plenty of VC firms will deal specifically within their own or select territories, it's more common that they have focused on the stage of the company or the business model.

You'll need an effective deck and an outreach plan.

Assuming that's in place, VCs are easy to find and at minimum a junior will be happy to receive your slide deck.

Use Angel, Pitchbook, Crunchbase, DealStream and similar to sort based on the criteria mentioned here.

Find multiple contacts at those firms via LI if needed.

You can use platforms like Crunchbase to better identify which VCs are investing for your target investment level, or in your industry and use that as a filter to short-list.

SaaS is, of course hot. More so B2C but certainly B2B has very strong interest and high activity levels.

It won't take much effort to find yourself in "interesting" dialogue.

More important than who to contact and gaining their interest though, is ensuring you walk away with a good deal.

You're not dealing with amateurs.

And their proposed term sheets won't be generous in your favor to say the least.

Get yourself an accountant with M&A experience or a third-party VC on retainer for the advisory.

Answered 7 years ago

I need to understand the details about your startup and then I can match according to the filers of different VCs. Let's setup a call.

Answered 7 years ago

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