What does it take to develop a money transfer service?

A friend and I want to establish a money transfer service for a particular country that can be a considered multi-billion dollar niche market. We want to establish something like a "Transferwise" for that particular country, however, the problem is that we neither have the software know how, nor have we found till now a currency cloud partner that offers services for that particular country. Could you please let us know how we could build something like "Transferwise"?


If it is really only two way country transfer (or one receiving country and several country stacks sending money there) it would be best to build your own custom solution.

Basically a simple SW to allow for receive electronic transfer money in some region (one for EU, one for US, one for Australia for example) together with API linked bank accounts and one payout in target country.

Of course you might have to do some KYC/AML/PEP checks but there are API avaliable services to do that for you.

Depending on how you want to build it, it should not cost you more then 75k USD total.

Ask around for good SW houses in your area or call me and I can help you put it up together.

Answered 5 years ago

Take a look at Dwolla ( and their competitors' business models. All $ transfer companies are still largely bound by the same ACH batch processing constraints, meaning $ doesn't move instantaneously, yet...
Good luck!

Answered 8 years ago

There would be regulations and the technology requirements to be met. Let's setup a call to discuss in detail. I can help you.

Answered 7 years ago

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