I'm in Germany and want to get funding for my successful startup. Which VCs should I get in touch with?

B2B SaaS, 1 year old, more than 1400 paying subscribers. Everything has been bootstrapped until now.


Honestly kickstarter is a brilliant site for startup funding and it will help you get the word out. If your start up is as good as you think then you might even get even more funding money than you had thought.

Answered 8 years ago

You need to look at your startup in stages. If you are getting revenue in your business and have 1400 subscribers, what execution plan do you have in place to GROW, and how much money do you need to do so? Even at this level, I believe you are still considered as early stage seed and still would be looking for small/med Angel to help you boost your existing traction. You are in a good position to look for smart money investor that will have the contacts and network to take you to Series A. Since your company is enjoying good cash flow, take your time to find the right investors that will maximise your evaluation for the next round.

Answered 8 years ago

First off: Well done! You're over 1000 paying subscribers. That's not easy and a good metric to reach.

Having said that - everything depends on your vertical, lifetime value of the customer, cost of customer acquisition, network effect etc.

Should this all bear out well - there are a number of amazing funds:

1. Intel
2. Axel Springer
3. Point-Nine Capital
5. Accel Partners
6. DN Capital
7. Index Ventures
8. Hasso Plattner

There are a bunch more I'm familiar with. It has to do with matching your requirements and stage to their mandate.

Hit me up privately if you would like to discuss.

Answered 8 years ago

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