I want to connect to businesses in US and Australian markets for product design and development work. What is the best way to find genuine leads?

I lead a product development studio. We have been working with top business in India for around 5 years. We have a desire to explore the markets and work with interesting businesses. We are great with websites, portals and applications. English is the preferred language so US and Australian markets seem to be the best to work with. Would like to know ways to connect to genuine businesses.


This is a difficult question to answer without a lot more info, but I'll share some high-level strategy.

1) Develop your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) in your new markets. Until you do this, you're just "doing stuff" without clear direction.

2) Identify the likely decision-makers in your market. If you're not sure, start calling some of the companies that match your ICP and ask questions.

3) Build a list of people who match the decision-maker role at your ICP companies and start asking questions. It may take some effort to get people on the phone, but it will be well worth your time to understand your prospects?

4) Using what you've learned, create an outbound marketing and sales strategy with companies in your ICP as your outbound targets.

I hope that is helpful.


Answered 8 years ago

First focus on one service you are providing to your target market. In a Product management field, before even to consider to penetrate a new market you need to optimize your daily services. After that US and AU have different way to do Business and lead me to a conclusion that you did't get in deep to understand where to go and your current BM will work in an efficient way. Remeber the competition and where you can differenciate yourselfe too. Consider to create a reputation in a smaller ecosystem like Europe, getting local embassador and then penetrate bigger market. Language is not the biggest challenge here especially in IT project.
The genuine fits you will find only personally and they need to share your vision first before even speaking about working together. Conference networking events with same interest and then Join some San Francisco networking startups event like Brella. Those guys are strong in the area. Let me know if you need some genuine contacts.

Answered 8 years ago

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