I want to get into the corporate-level professional Wordpress development world and help Agencies and Developers with their smaller tasks as a freelancer. I think there are agencies who are swamped with work and need a hand. Services I want to offer are: - Setting up new sites - Adding new pages - Making security updates - Managing backups - Setting up 301 redirects - Tracking 404 errors (via a plugin) - Making SEO Improvements - Customizing themes - Installing & configuring plugins - Whatever else a developer or agency needs. So I want to do junior level Wordpress work, but I dont want to dive into the php or javascript (yet). I'll leave that to the pros. I want to do the lower end tasks and charge like $20-30/hr for freelancing, giving the pros more time to focus on larger tasks while I handle smaller tasks. I dont know what to call myself so agencies & developers understand what I'm offering. - Wordpress Virtual Assistant - Wordpress Technical Assistant - Wordpress Webmaster Services - Wordpress Support Services - Freelance Wordpress Consultant - Wordpress Maintenance Services I really prefer working in an assistant/junior/support capacity for now as I'm still fairly new, but I do have a small portfolio. Thanks for any advice

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