Should we hire US based lead generation company?

We are an India based company that provides financial valuation related services to commercial real estate finance lenders. Clients use us as an outsourcing company working in a niche market. We are a bootstrapped, two year old firm and cannot afford dedicated sales staff in US. 1. Should we hire third party lead generation companies to generate more business? 2. If yes, what is the most affordable way? 3. We are growing 100% yoy in revenues but finding it tough to find larger contracts or cross revenues of $1M. What are the most efficient methods to acquire larger contracts as a KPO business?


Sure, try these guys
They work on a performance basis which is why I like working with them!

Answered 8 years ago

Have run startups and businesses for over 20 years.

How well do you know your target market? I've had mixed results with lead generation, especially when it comes to larger enterprises. I suggest that you develop a precise persona of the customer you are looking for and then find someone like that, then ask them what kind of pitch they would be receptive to. There are some new AI based lead generation tools which might work better for you.

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Answered 8 years ago

Whether you hire a lead-gen firm or undertake your own marketing in the U.S., you'll want to ensure that what you're showcasing – website, written content, domain name, etc. – is designed for the targeted audience.

Here's what I mean:

Currently your jobs come from companies who interact with customers and then outsource much of the actual work to you. So I'm guessing that your habit is to address those middle-men. They (rather than their clients) have been your target audience. And that's bound to be reflected in your website and other promotional materials.

That habit must be unlearned. The style of your presentation, your sales pitch, your emails, perhaps even your website and domain must change. After all, you're addressing clients directly now – not the middle men. It's a different audience – perhaps with less technical experience, probably with different objectives and concerns. The middle-men who used to be your clients are now your competitors. Look at what they do.

I'd recommend pausing to evaluate your presentation.

During a transitional phase, it might make sense to continue performing the outsourced work – which has been your bread-and-butter revenue stream, after all – while branching out to seek clients directly.

In that case, you're really addressing 2 different audiences. So it might be advantageous to design 2 separate presentations – yes, on separate sites. That way, you won't confuse (or alarm) 1 audience with material meant for the other. And you can measure and fine-tune each landing page's efficiency with respect to the audience for whom it is intended.

This, it seems to me, should be a prerequisite to a lead-gen campaign.

Answered 8 years ago

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